Advanced Computer Services provides business and individual solutions for our clients. Our professionalism and expertise will allow you to put aside the stress and complexity of your needs, while our expert technicians handle your needs in a timely manner.

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We can host your website on our servers that offer fast load times, secure infrastructure and other numerous features.
We can acquire many TLD (Top Level Domain) names for your business or other needs.
We can write and digitally sign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates for your website or intranet.
We can optimize your website to perform better in search engine results.
We can perform security audits on your infrastructure.
We can perform security audits on your software and web applications.
We can service or install security camera systems for your home or business. We can design these systems to be accessible from your mobile devices. We can provide battery backup systems, cellular communications, off-site cloud recording and many other features.
We can consult with you on any project you have questions or concerns about executing yourself. We can research, design and implement your technical needs.